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TJ Dana 30 axle bearing replacement



Loud squeaking sound coming from the wheel area.


  1. Raise the jeep so the suspected wheel is off the ground
  2. Grab the tire at 12 and 6 and wiggle up and down. There shouldn’t be much play or wiggle.
  3. If there is wiggle then check to make sure it isn’t the ball joints or steering. Chances are you got a bad bearing.

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Changing Axle Fluid 101

t1Changing axle fluid is easy and only costs about $20 compared to $50-$90 at the shop. It also is a great time to inspect your jeep to avoid a possible disaster down the road.

Cars/Trucks/Jeeps should have their axle fluid changed much more frequently if they are used in off-road or towing situations. If you have any thought you may have gotten water into your housing change your fluid immediately.

This writeup is written for a 98 Jeep TJ however it should apply to any vehicle. (Check your own manual for correct fluid types)

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