About Us

Jeeping.Net was founded in January 2001 and previously known as Offroad4x4.com in the late 90s. The sites were initially created for the need of creating static pages to share commonly asked questions on Jeep-L and later JeepsUnlimited.com.

In 2010 most the site was lost due to a database corruption and was moved to a more stable host and a WordPress engine. Since then most articles have been deleted since the information is no longer relevant or products have updated/discontinued.

Today Jeeping.Net is used to compliment our Youtube channel to share additional details not included in our videos.

Jeeping.net & Jeeping.ca is owned and operated by Haveland Consulting under management of Colin Jennings out of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

All content is copywrite 2021

To contact us please e-mail: Jennings@Jeeping.net