California Tops Tj Pickup Top

1My Jeep originally came with a factory hardtop but no soft top. I had seen the California Tops Pickup Top on a few forums and feel in love with with. Its not for everyone because it disables the use of the back seats but for me without any kids it makes sense.



One reason I decided on this product was California Tops is a Canadian company and I have always had great luckily with Canadian products.  Also2 being Canadian it means no huge shipping or brokerage fees. Ordering was easy but the first one got lost in the mail… Tim the owner for California Tops got me out a second one without much hassle.


None, maybe a beer but no tools are needed for this install


Start first by taken off your hardtop or soft top and any hardware that might go with it. My friend Andrew and I where excited to get the top on so we did it on a rather cold spring night and it was a bit of a struggle. When I took these pictures a few days later when it was warmer out it went on much more smoothly.

Hardware Install

-Start by taken the bikini channel and laying it over the window and drop the two legs on either side of the bar into the holes on the spreader bars that are attached to the roll cage.


-Now take your driver’s side door surrounding and drop it into place. (Note: One leg drops into the spreader bar and the other goes under the spreader bar and attaches to the bikini channel.

-Take 2 knobs and screw them into your bikini channel legs and door surrounding leg.7

-Repeat for passenger side

-There is a strap now that attaches from the bikini header to the footman loop on your window.


-Take the strip of Velcro and run it over the tail gate and that is it for your hardware installed.

Fabric Install


Take the duster and lay it over the back of the jeep, with the tailgate open. Tuck both rear corners into place then tuck both sides into place. Then you just tighten the Velcro around the roll bars and tighten the strap. Close the tailgate and secure the Velcro. Then the last part is there is a tension strap behind the driver’s and passenger’s seat that goes around the factory roll bar and is tightened.

Wind Jammer

Start by taken the top of the jammer and securing it around the top of the roll bar with the Velcro. Then attach both sides around the door surroundings with the Velcro. Then pull the jammer and duster together and connect the Velco.

To get a tighter fit I suggest unzipping the window when attaching the  top Velcro

Install is then done. To get a really tight fit every time it gets really hot out tighten it up some.


I really love this top!

Right after installing it I went to the Jeep Jamboree in Nova Scotia and had many comments on it. Just love all the different combinations. I never take off the duster because I like how it protects my gear. I often roll up the rear window when I am leaving work (only takes a few seconds) or on really nice I just take the whole windjammer off and put it under the duster.

When I take the bikini and jammer off I normally pop the door surroundings off and throw them under the duster.

It doesn’t flap at all on the highway like the factory top does and highly recommend this top to anyone who doesn’t need their back seat.


July 2002

The top is still working excellent however I am having one problem. Sometimes at highway speed the Velcro at holds the bikini to the door surroundings comes loose and starts to flap. I figured the reason they used Velcro is so it is adjustable. However this wasn’t working in my case so I went to our local marina and had them put in 3 snaps on each side. It ended up costing me around $15 and works like a charm now. I ask other owns of this top if they have this problem and no one does so it might just have been something to do with my care of the Velcro.


Cleaning the top!
I’ve had several people ask whats the best product to clean a soft top with? To figure this out I went to the marina and they recommended a product called Roll-Off. Just spray it on the top before you clean and its makes the dirt just roll right off. This product is not great on metal so make sure you wash it off good.

September 2002

I’ve been running this top now all summer and love it! Taken off the soft top I noticed the hardware has a lot of surface rust on it, its not really a issue since its hidden but still I hate rust. I’m going to spray them down with some rust paint this spring and hope that helps. I report the matter to California Tops.


For storing the top I picked up a soft top storage bag from a a friend and was very happy to find the whole top and my Besttop soft doors fit excellently into the storage bag. This keeps them nice and clean and protects the windows from scratches. It even fits fine under the spare bed so it will keep warm all winter.

More Product Information

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