California Tops Scuba Seat Covers

1Anyone who has spent a weekend on the trail knows come Monday your seats are in a need of some good cleaning. Jeeps are open to the elements quite a bit more than your average vehicle, then again they go places your average vehicle doesn’t.The great thing about seat covers is you can play all weekend long and then Monday pull them off and go to work

What are my options

There are a few different types of seat covers on the market. Some are just simple covers that go on over the seat kind of a one size fits all. There are fine but with the top off they act like big sail and often don’t look that nice. Some are just cotton and these work ok if you just want to protect from mud but really do little for water and need to be cleaned quite often.

The two main seat cover producers are Wet Oakley and California Tops they make their tops out of Neoprene skin diving material. I knew both where supposed to fit well and both have good reputations of being good covers. So I wasn’t too sure who I was going to go with until I saw a photo of California Tops new seat covers.


I e-mailed Tim Taylor the owner of California Tops. I wasn’t too sure what color to go with because I have a tan interior, green exterior, tan hardtop, black softdoors and black softop. So I had it narrowed down to either red and black or the tan and black. I decided to go with the tan because it wasn’t as flashy and I thought it might not fade as much. I also decided to go with just the 2 front seats for now since I’m running California Tops Pickup Top, hopefully this winter I’ll get the back seat. I had the covers with in a week.


Installing the covers is very simple. They come in two pieces (bottom and top) and go on very easy. -You start by taken the top piece “back piece” and just sliding it over the top of the seat.
-Then tuck the flap in the front of the seat under the seat around to the back and attach velcro to the back.
-Take the bottom piece “butt piece” and slide it on the seat from the front to the back.
-Pull the two straps around the back of the seat and velcro them together.

And your done installing the seat cover its quite simple, logical, only takes a minute and fits like a glove.





I really like them they installed really easy and they fit well. There are two reason they fit so well the first being the material is stretchable and forms itself to the seat. The other reason is they are so well designed they just hug the seat on all the joints and have a handy magazine pouch in the rear. I get so many comments on them. Most people can not even believe they are seat covers, people go “ohh you put new seats in it?” When I show them they are just seat covers they can’t believe it.


October 23rd 2002

I’ve been running these covers now all summer and love them! They have been covered in mud, water, coffee, coke and are even standing up well to my dog Jenny. I actually haven’t even cleaned them yet cause when they get dirty all i do is take a wet paper towel and wipe them off. I don’t even bother to cleaning my dog off anymore after she has been out in the mud or water. I highly suggest these to anyone, the only thing that is a issue that others have raised is this type of material doesn’t let your back or butt breath. I honestly haven’t had a issue with these yet but that is the only negative thing I have heard.

May 1st 2009

It has been 7 years with these and I still love them. They are starting to wear a little but still in great shape. In fact I had them off last week to wash and the seats look brand new underneath.

To wash them I just throw them inside out into the washing machine and let them dry on the cloths line.


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