TJ Hella Vision Plus Conversion Headlights


Manufacturer’s Part Number 70477

I’m not certain what happened but the lights on my 98 Tj were decent and when I got my 05 it was absolutely horrible. I’ve heard people complain about this before and never realized how bad it can be.

I was up at National4wd a few weeks after I bought my Tj and they had a pair of Hella Vision Plus Conversion Headlights for a decent price in stock. I remember reading in a magazine that for the price this model was a good option. I had a tight budget on this build so they seemed like a great option and a excellent safety upgrade.


The lights themselves are a universal H4 bulb housing so they will take pretty much any standard bulb which is great. This allows you to keep a spare bulb in stock and easily upgrade to more powerful or different colour bulb in the future. I went with the 60/55 watt that comes with the kit but might down the road try a more brighter light. The kit is SAE/DOT certified so you will not run into any problems with the law or at inspections. The kit is a universal 7 inch round clear housing so it will fit more vehicles than just a Tj.

3Warning: there is also a 7 inch round kit that is not DOT approved


The Install

The install is super easy and takes only 10 minutes per light if you take your time. I suggest taking your time and cleaning the plugs while you have the harness off.


You will need to aim the lights after you install them. It started to rain after the initial install and go stuck at work late the next night.. The drive home was horrible because my low beams hardly hit the road and I got flashed and honked at by many..

Aiming the lights isn’t that difficult and I’ll not go into the details since many other sites do a great job on it:

The Verdict

Excellent much better than the original lights and not to bright that it bothers other drivers. The highbeams seam really great! And I need to modify my highs to leave on the lows like in my last jeep.

I recommend this product for someone looking for a cheap upgrade to their lighting system. I’m sure it isn’t as good as the $300+ systems but I don’t feel I need any more for my Jeep right now.

Before and After shot with low beams (sorry the Jeep was farther away for the after shots)

Before and After shot with high beams (sorry the Jeep was farther away for the after shots)