Teraflex Tj Steering Box Skid

1One vulnerable spot on a Tj is the steering box. It is easy to damage and leave you stranded with a big dent in the pocket book. The box hangs just below the bumper and is prone to getting dented or cracked.

It is also a very cheap insurance at under $75 dollars and only takes under an hour to install.


This photo illustrates the need to have a good steering box skid. You can’t see but right below my bumper is a rock. The install is simple but does require drill the frame at one point.


The above photos show the exposed steering box. I personally think DC should cover these from the factory.

4This is the kit as it comes it is very simple yet very heavy. I was very impressed with the workman ship and quality of this skid plate.
Start by getting out those stupid hex wrenches and breaking bar and undo your left bottom bumper bolt.

Tip: This would be a good time to replace them with non-hex grade 8 bolts

Place the the skid plate into position and hand tighten the bolt. The next was the hardest part, so take your time I was tired and cranky when I was doing this part. Take the supplied nut and drop it in the hole with the red arrow pointing towards it. Stick the bolt threw the plate and cross member and try to thread the nut (it can be awkward).


Next part of the install requires you to drill into the frame where the hole is and thread the supplied self-tapping bolt into it. After you have this bolt installed tighten up all your bolts. You are done.


Conclusion: This skid is very much worth the cost. Install is straight forward, its very tuff and is a must upgrade for anyone reading this. Since written this report I’ve been on many trails and so far not a scratch but I’m sure I’ve used it several times. Please if you take your Jeep off-road get one of these or you will be kicking yourself when you realize you should have.