Tj K&N Air Filter


I did this install for several reasons but the main one was to get rid of the stock air box so I could make room for an on-board air system. I also installed the filter because it is possible to dunk the air box while leaning the jeep on its right side into a stream or river. With the filter in the middle of the Jeep you need to be in really deep before having the filter submerged.

Another bonus is the advertised increase in power, fuel efficiency and never having to buy another air filter. The argument of never needing another filter is true but you still need to buy cleaning kits which last for about 4-6 cleanings and cost about the same as a normal filter. Many people argue that they give no increased in power or fuel efficiency and I’ve seen the numbers to prove it.

People believe the air the K&N lets in isn’t as clean as the stock filters and others believe it’s more clean. Find out what I personally think at the bottom of this article as I’ll keep updates on my experiences with the filter.


Start by removing your stock air box and air tube.


Look at how much it clears up!

Take the stock air tube and cut the flexible hose off and clean really good to ensure a good clean intake. Place your air tube back on the throttle body.



Slide the K&N over the tub and tighten down the bolts. You may want to zip tie the tub down to where the accelerator cables are attached to make the system more secure.


You’re Done!


Right off the bat I noticed an increase in pickup off the line. I find the K&N whistled at certain speeds however it calmed down after a few days. I’m told the  whistle is a normal thing and nothing to be worried about.


January 2002 – Its been 8 months since I put it on and it has seen 20,000KM and been cleaned 4 times. Just make sure you keep them well oiled.

June 2009 – It has been over 8 years and still have the original K&N on and it is working excellent.

Would I do it again… Yes because it cleared up needed room under the hood for the on-board air.

Would I do it again if I wasn’t doing on-board air? No, the filter certainly does let in dirty air as I found I had to keep cleaning the intake on the inside quite a bit. Also the position of the filter allowed for it to really suck in a lot of dust on off-road adventures. I tried a pre-filter but I could really hear a different in the engine when it was on.