Teraflex Tj Quick Disconnects


Quick Disconnects are a personal preference and there are several different ways of doing them.

  1. Homemade – Just undo the bolt and they are disconnected, cheap but dirty
  2. Aftermarket – one of the most expensive options but allows you to get difference sizes, easy to install and safe.
  3. No sway bar – people do this but I don’t suggest it unless you trailer your jeep, it isn’t safe. I’ve done it and it makes your Jeep handle very different.
  4. Other sway bar options – I didn’t do much research on these but there are some items you can get that totally replace the swaybar. I’m told some people love them and some people hate them but normally always they are expensive.

j2I opted for the aftermarket option because of the simple install and since I plan on lifting the Jeep several inches I knew that the stock bars would have to go sooner or later. I love just getting to the trail and disconnecting they are so easy.

The kit is pretty straight forward and easy to install. You have the option of drilling the frame and install tie up bars to make it easier to store your disconnects when not is use. I didn’t go this option because I didn’t want to drill the frame the night before the Jeep Jamboree. (I plan on do this option soon but in the meantime I use draw ties to keep them out of harms way)


Start by removing the stock sway bar links they can be a pain to remove so get a BFH or breaking bar. Air tools also make this job a joke (I love my air tools).


Then just connect up the new bars. Easy wasn’t it.

Testing – I went to a local spot called deephole to test out the quick disconnect. This is a stock Tj with stock suspension..

Connected is on the left and disconnected is on the right

You can see disconnecting does really help and I believe its a essential part of driving offroad


Conclusion – The install is very easy a lot of people have problems getting the sway bars off but I had no problems. The initial response from these are they are very very well made however I had some problems with the kit. They included 3 mounting bars (only 2 where needed) but only included 1 cotter bin and 1 washer. So I had to run out to Canadian Tire and pick up some extras. Only cost me a few cents but was surprised to see they could forget stuff and also include extra stuff at the same time.

UPDATE #1 15/06/2001
j11Well guess they were not so tuff… On the way to the New Brunswick Jeep Club Summer Rally one just broke on the highway! Look at the photo bellow to see what broke easy to fix but that bolt is welded on. I contacted Teraflex and they said it is a weak part on them but normally it only happens when people would go off-road with them. They insured me they would send me out a new one that day. One month later no new part… So I took the angle grinder to it and broke away the weld and replaced it all with grade 8 hardware. I’d still recommend this product and have been told that normally Teraflex is very good about keeping their word. I’ll blaming it on UPS this time..