Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio and Antenna Install


Having a CB when going on a trail run is not mandatory (however some events require it) but it is a nice item to have item.

My first time off-road I didn’t have a CB and every time we slowed down or stopped on the trail I didn’t know why. I was always getting out of the Jeep to walk ahead and ask but then the pack would start moving again and I’d get caught running back to my rig. CBs are also useful for the jeep in the lead to call back trail conditions or warnings.

CBs are also a great way to lighten up a boring section or harass your buddies for getting stuck.

Some argue they are a safety item and I guess they are but cell phones work almost everywhere now. CB has limited range and HAM is really what you need if you want something for safety/emergency communication.

Why not a HAM then?

  • Need a license to operate
  • They are more expensive
  • Rare that anyone else might have one (however in some clubs they are becoming more popular)


I needed something that would fit nicely into a Tj. Only one product stuck out, the Cobra 75WX ST. It’s a very compact model that can be installed almost anywhere. I bought my Cobra off e-bay and thought I’d get a 3′ Firestix antenna locally. I spent several weeks trying to find one.. gave up and contacted James from They offer a great package with everything you need.

Other options:

  • Portable – easy to carry around but limited range and battery life
  • Dash mounted – takes up more room but normally has great range and function.


This install has two parts.

  • Antenna install
  • CB install

TIP: Never turn on the CB without then antenna attached, you risk frying it.

  1. Started off with the install kit I got from and was blown away from the quality of the kit. The kit includes a bracket for the antenna to attach to the spare tire brake light, custom coax wires, custom wiring kit for the CB, 3′ firestik antenna, and the best instructions I’ve ever seen. You have the option for a 3 or 4 foot antenna with this package. I opted for 3 foot to limit tree damage and a quick disconnected for underground parking / security.
  2. Mount the bracket to the spare tire brake light by drilling 4 holes in the plastic and j3j2setting the screws.Now time for the coax install. The JeeperandCreeper kit comes with a complete wiring kit that makes wiring a joke the wiring harness comes labeled and installs flaw less
  3. Now comes the funny part try to figure out where to run the wires. You have 8 feet of wire so you have quite a bit of wire to work with depending on where you mount the CB. I ran the cable over right rear body mount and zipped tied it there. I then ran it across the gas tank and around the left side of the tank over and into the floor plug behind the drivers seat. Then make sure to zip tie everything down.j4j5
  4. Now time to install the CB.. I installed mine under the console. It’s out of sight yet very easy to get at. Just lift up the shifter boot and you will see a bolt that can be reused.  This is a little harder in later models cause of the airbag switch but it can be done its just a tight fit.j6
  5. I ended up splicing the jeepercreeper wiring kit into the cobra wiring just to make things easier. Run the ground to a good ground and use the supplied wiretap to tap the unswitched power supply (located in the glove department).j8
  6. Connect the mic to the CB and find a place to mount the mic holder. I put mine right under the heater controls and it has worked really well for me right there so farj9
  7. j10Now hook up the antenna to the CB and the antenna to the mount. This is the time you should get a SWR meter and test your CB I didn’t have one but its worked pretty good without being calibrated yet.j11Tip: When you go to mount your spare tire back on the Jeep you might find it might rub the antenna a bit. The correcting to this is very easy just slip a few washers on the spare tire mount.


July 2001 – Well its been about 3 months since I’ve installed the CB and no problems but I made a few changes. Removed the quick disconnect because it wigged to much. I also plan on connecting the CB directly up to the battery soon because I suspect I might get better range with it. However it has worked so great and I get lots of questions about it when people go looking for the box on the other end of the CB. Special thanks to JeepersAndCreepers for their help in this install and great customer support.

August 2001 – I picked up a SWR meter today from Radio Shack and tuned the CB using the Tune-able tip on the Firestik. I find my range is now much better!

June 2004 – I moved the Antenna to a new location because I have a new rear bumper. I had the antenna mounted here on a work truck and liked it so figured i’d try it on the Jeep. No problems yet but I feel that the range is worse..j12