TJ Dana 30 axle bearing replacement



Loud squeaking sound coming from the wheel area.


  1. Raise the jeep so the suspected wheel is off the ground
  2. Grab the tire at 12 and 6 and wiggle up and down. There shouldn’t be much play or wiggle.
  3. If there is wiggle then check to make sure it isn’t the ball joints or steering. Chances are you got a bad bearing.


  • Jackstand
  • 13 mm 6 point
  • 13 mm 12 point
  • 19mm 6 point
  • 36mm 6 point
  • brake cleaner
  • Solid rod or something to keep the knuckle from twisting
  • needle nose plyers
  • Lock tight

Maybe: Impact wrench or breaking bar


  1. Jack up the jeep on a level groundt2
  2. Take off the wheels and set them aside
  3. Take off the brake caliber using 13mm socket bolts behind the caliber. Set the caliber aside making sure not to harm the brake lines. The yellow arrows point at the bolts to be removed.
    Tip: Use zip ties to tie the caliber up and out of the way.t3
  4. Remove the cotter pin using needle nose pliers and the washer behind it.t4
  5. Take off the rotor and carefully set it aside. This would also be a good time to inspect it for damage and wear, same goes for the brake pads.t5
  6. Remove the 36mm nut you may need to use an impact wrench or breaking bar. With the use of an impact wrench I had no problems at all. One big problem we ran into was when you go to turn the nut the axle would turn too. So we had to ended up jamming an old file in the knuckle next to the U-joint. So now when we turned the nut the file would jam against the tie rod. Not the prettiest way of doing it but it works great and has been added to my tool box.t6t7
  7. Remove the three 13mm 12 point bolts that secure the bearing unit to the axle housing. I had to use a breaking bar to get them loose. Yellow arrows point to the 3 boltst8
  8. With the bolts removed the bearing assembly slides off now. Some people will need to use a rubber mallet to coax it off.t9
  9. Clean the spindles and you may want to grease them. Make sure the axles don’t get pulled out all the way. It is ok if they do but it is easier if the don’t because it could breaking the seal inside the axle or loosen fluid.
  10. Slide on the new bearing housing unit. Note how much cleaner the new one looks!t10
  11. Reattach the 3 13mm 12 point bolts using loc tight and torque to factory specs
  12. Reattach the 36mm bolt and torque to spec with loc tightt11
  13. Reattach the washer and cotter pin
  14. Clean the rotor with brake cleaner and reattach
  15. Put calibrator back on and use 13mm bolts and clean all up
  16. Put tires back on and do a quick 12 and 6 shaking test to make sure the bearing feels good. Take jacks out and your done

Done now go have a beer and wasn’t it easy?