Rubicon Express 2″ Spacer TJ Lift Review


Installed: April 2001
Written: Spring 2002
Updated: April 2010

To lift a Tj there are so many options and so many different combinations but I’ll try and put them into 4 main categories

– Spacer lifts

This is when you simply put a spacer between the coil and the coil mount. Kits come normally from .75 inch to 2 inch. You can get away with running factory shocks but you will not flex well.

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Tj K&N Air Filter


I did this install for several reasons but the main one was to get rid of the stock air box so I could make room for an on-board air system. I also installed the filter because it is possible to dunk the air box while leaning the jeep on its right side into a stream or river. With the filter in the middle of the Jeep you need to be in really deep before having the filter submerged. Continue reading Tj K&N Air Filter

Teraflex Tj Quick Disconnects


Quick Disconnects are a personal preference and there are several different ways of doing them.

  1. Homemade – Just undo the bolt and they are disconnected, cheap but dirty
  2. Aftermarket – one of the most expensive options but allows you to get difference sizes, easy to install and safe.
  3. No sway bar – people do this but I don’t suggest it unless you trailer your jeep, it isn’t safe. I’ve done it and it makes your Jeep handle very different.
  4. Other sway bar options – I didn’t do much research on these but there are some items you can get that totally replace the swaybar. I’m told some people love them and some people hate them but normally always they are expensive.

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Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio and Antenna Install


Having a CB when going on a trail run is not mandatory (however some events require it) but it is a nice item to have item.

My first time off-road I didn’t have a CB and every time we slowed down or stopped on the trail I didn’t know why. I was always getting out of the Jeep to walk ahead and ask but then the pack would start moving again and I’d get caught running back to my rig. CBs are also useful for the jeep in the lead to call back trail conditions or warnings. Continue reading Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio and Antenna Install