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Mickey Thompson MTZ – Updated


First Published: July 21st, 2010
Updated: April 14th, 2015

Tire selection is really the most critical part of any Jeep build. All too often well built Jeeps will not perform as they should because of poor tire selection. This often is because of lack of budget, understanding of wants vs needs and understanding the differences between different patterns, compounds and brands.

Trying to keep a Jeep both trail and street worthy is a difficult task and one you shouldn’t cheap out on. This is often why I suggest people buy tires before suspension even if the tires will not fit yet. It is better to spend money on the right tire than it is anything thing else.

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Interco Irok 36×13.5×15 Review


I decided to try out Iroks even so I had no major problem with my BFG MTs but with a new lift (RE 4.5) they were looking small. The tire industry had also changed a lot in the last two year and options are now endless and mind numbing.

I could go with a more aggressive tire this time because the Jeep has migrated into a weekend warrior and no longer serves the daily drive role. I had always loved the Iroks since they came out but I was a little unsure about going 36×13.5 and really unsure about getting bias ply. After costing them and finding out they are cheaper than even the budget model 35s I was sold and kind of wanted to take a risk to try them out.  (Edit bias Iroks are no longer a budget tire)

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