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Teraflex Tj Quick Disconnects


Quick Disconnects are a personal preference and there are several different ways of doing them.

  1. Homemade – Just undo the bolt and they are disconnected, cheap but dirty
  2. Aftermarket – one of the most expensive options but allows you to get difference sizes, easy to install and safe.
  3. No sway bar – people do this but I don’t suggest it unless you trailer your jeep, it isn’t safe. I’ve done it and it makes your Jeep handle very different.
  4. Other sway bar options – I didn’t do much research on these but there are some items you can get that totally replace the swaybar. I’m told some people love them and some people hate them but normally always they are expensive.

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Rubicon Express 2.5″ YJ Lift Review

1When I first bought my YJ in 2000 I knew one of the first things I would need to do is get a suspension lift. The Jeep came with 31″ BFG At tires and rubbed the flares on any little bump and the ride was very very ruff. The photos below speak for themselves..

Note: This write up was written several years after I did the install. Install was originally done around 2001.

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