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April 12th – 2015 – Area 62


After a long cold snow winter we finally got a chance to hit the trails after a week of rain. There was 470cm or 15 feet of snow fall over the winter and the trails still had 3-4 feet of snow in most areas.

With proper air pressure the Jeeps broke trail no problem but as the day went on and the weather warmed up we started to dig deep and deeper and things started to get rough. However in the end we all made it out thanks to a bit of winching.

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Mickey Thompson MTZ – Updated


First Published: July 21st, 2010
Updated: April 14th, 2015

Tire selection is really the most critical part of any Jeep build. All too often well built Jeeps will not perform as they should because of poor tire selection. This often is because of lack of budget, understanding of wants vs needs and understanding the differences between different patterns, compounds and brands.

Trying to keep a Jeep both trail and street worthy is a difficult task and one you shouldn’t cheap out on. This is often why I suggest people buy tires before suspension even if the tires will not fit yet. It is better to spend money on the right tire than it is anything thing else.

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08 JK Unlimited Rubicon Overland Project

j1I traded Ultimate Weekend  Warrior project for a 2008 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon (6-Speed) in the fall of 2011 because I wanted more space for my weekend projects and a Jeep for long distance overlanding.

It wasn’t really something I was planning on doing but a great deal came up and I basically traded one for one plus $2000… Not bad.. I even kept the winch off the TJ. The Jeep was cheap because you could tell it had a weird previous life. It had a new factory JK front bumper, 2 inch spacer lift, bald JK Rubicon tires and the fenders that showed tire rub. So obviously this jeep had bigger tires and off-roaded at some point. And it only had 47,000km on it! All great for me because I planned on modifying all those things.

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Ultimate Weekend Warrior / Weekly Commuter

j1I wanted to tell a story on how I built a Jeep that became my favorite build to date. I high suggest this setup to anyone looking to build a TJ but doesn’t want to go extreme.

My last Tj was a great off-road warrior but on-road manors with 4.5 inches of lift, 36 inch bias iRoks, automatic lockers front and rear and $30 shocks was horrible.. if not unsafe.. I even started to tow the Jeep to events.

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TJ Hella Vision Plus Conversion Headlights


Manufacturer’s Part Number 70477

I’m not certain what happened but the lights on my 98 Tj were decent and when I got my 05 it was absolutely horrible. I’ve heard people complain about this before and never realized how bad it can be.

I was up at National4wd a few weeks after I bought my Tj and they had a pair of Hella Vision Plus Conversion Headlights for a decent price in stock. I remember reading in a magazine that for the price this model was a good option. I had a tight budget on this build so they seemed like a great option and a excellent safety upgrade. Continue reading TJ Hella Vision Plus Conversion Headlights

Changing Axle Fluid 101

t1Changing axle fluid is easy and only costs about $20 compared to $50-$90 at the shop. It also is a great time to inspect your jeep to avoid a possible disaster down the road.

Cars/Trucks/Jeeps should have their axle fluid changed much more frequently if they are used in off-road or towing situations. If you have any thought you may have gotten water into your housing change your fluid immediately.

This writeup is written for a 98 Jeep TJ however it should apply to any vehicle. (Check your own manual for correct fluid types)

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